One Year In: Progress Photos




So it’s been a year since I got the keys to the house. I haven’t posted too many “before” pictures on here yet, so I’m excited to share a long series of before and after shots in this post. The before pictures are from the day I got the keys and the previous owner had just vacated. The after pictures are really what I like to call “progress” photos, as I still have many projects on the to-do list for every (yes-every) room. I have been working on each project as my time, money, and energy allow. My renovations are driven by a personal desire to create a home I like living in  — I’m not “flipping” the house — if I was, the focus and extent of my renovations would have been much different.


Without further ado, here are all of the pictures that give an honest look at where we’ve gotten after one year. Side note: I’ve upgraded my camera since taking the before photos — so I’ll admit the later photos get an unfair advantage!



The kitchen still has a long way to go. Surprise — I’m not planning on having absolutely nothing above the counters forever! Future plans include subway tile, open shelving, and a new range hood. At least we got the soffit down so there’s some room to breathe in there.




I couldn’t be happier with our new sink. Cast iron > stainless steel, at least in my humble opinion.




A new appliance gets points in any renovation. We scored a great deal on the oven last “Black Friday,” but unfortunately we had to shell out for the fridge.




Obviously no kitchen is complete without Mr. Spock.




This side of the kitchen is also waiting for some subway tile.




I will be very happy the day these laundry-nook-doors are replaced for good!




Here’s a good before shot of the weird “overhead storage-esque” lighting that was in the kitchen.




The atrium received some pretty decking, but I can’t show it off by keeping any of my plants alive, so win-lose.




And here’s the big mirror-to-bookcase transition in the dining room that doesn’t have a dining table…




I’ve added some DVD and comic book storage to the bookcases recently.




Our half-finished living room.




I would love to replace the coffee table and get some extra seating in here soon!




There’s no before shot for this side of the living room, but I wanted to include a “progress” photo anyway!




Yet another shot of the living/dining room…




Yes, we still have boxes in our living room. I have plans to build a “media shelf” for this wall that will store our gaming consoles/misc. electronics.




This “office area” is probably my least favorite spot in the house right now! Plans for a floating corner desk and some storage cabinets soon (-ish).




Well, the entryway sure doesn’t look much different!




…Our doorbell did get upgraded though.




And all of our interior doors are now two-paneled and black.




The master bedroom is just now seeing some changes. We put in recessed can lighting recently, and McKenzie has started a stencil project (to be revealed at a later time!).




The master bathroom looks like it got a downgrade! We’ve poured a concrete countertop to replace the existing floral-patterned laminate counter, but haven’t gotten around to installing it yet.




In the hallway we’ve upgraded the recessed lighting and added a simple pattern.




The second bathroom is looking better, but still not great.




We’ve replaced every outlet and switch in the house.




The second bedroom hasn’t gotten much attention yet. And I’m not really sure what I want to do in here anyway!




And here’s one last shot of the second bedroom…




Hopefully you can tell which pictures are the “before” ones and which are the “after/progress” photos. That’s all I can hope for at this point! Here’s to another year of home upgrades and interior design :).