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Our Coat Closet (Sans Coats)




There really is no logical order to the projects I’m deciding to tackle in our house. There are many important things that need to get done, and I decided to organize the inside of our coat closet. I’m basically coping with our long to-do list by undertaking projects that are exciting/fun to me, even if they aren’t the most important thing on the list. I love cleaning and organizing, and (pathetically enough) I get anxiety from being in an unorganized space. That’s a “first world problem” if I’ve ever heard one.


I knew for a while that I wanted to turn our coat closet into more of a utility closet. It’s a much better use of space for us. First of all, we live in the desert, where there is maybe a week out of the year that actually requires a coat. Also, we have two bedrooms with enough closet space to accommodate our coats/our guests’ coats.


The coat closet is in view as soon as you walk in the front door (as it is in many houses). Ours happens to be right off the kitchen as well, which makes it a convenient spot for cleaning supplies.




We didn’t get around to adding shelves to our one pole/one shelf closet for a while, so this is what it turned into over the course of a few months. Nothing was easy to get to, and there was a ton of wasted vertical space.




I took down the old shelf and pole to start with a blank slate. I also measured the height of the items that I wanted to store in the closet to decide how many shelves I could fit and how much space needed to be between each one.




Like the rest of the house, there were no baseboards or door trim in the closet, so I had to cut, paint, and install the trim and baseboards before getting started on the shelves.




I used some paint leftover from the kitchen (Benjamin Moore – Coventry Gray), and installed the ClosetMaid wire shelving that we cut at Home Depot. I’m not very handy and I had no problem installing the shelves — the process is really straightforward.




Another reference picture showing our chalkboard pantry door (seen here: Makeover for a Door). And we obviously got around to painting (some of) the new doors since the before pics.




Once we’re done painting everywhere in the house, the top shelf will store our touch up paint. I don’t like storing paint in our garage since it’s over 100° for most of the summer. We also don’t have a basement or attic, so inside of the house is our only option.







Two words: cat fur!




I picked up these bins at the container store and made some labels at home.




Photoshop + name badge-size labels + inkjet printer + scissors.




On the floor I keep my sewing machine, sewing kit with a bunch of thread, etc., and iron. Don’t ask me why I keep my iron in its box. I have a habit of keeping the original box of everything.




Our fancy wrapping paper storage is a $1.50 plastic bag holder from IKEA.




And because the shelves are only 16″ deep, the vaccuum still fits. I also have room to hang the ironing board on the back of the door, I just have to figure out how to hang something on a hollow-core door like ours.




And that concludes the story of how I jumped off the organizational deep end.