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Beginning to See the Light



We took the opportunity to update the electrical in the kitchen after ripping out the kitchen soffit. Our friend, Tyler, added an outlet on either side of the stove – the whole U-shaped kitchen area only had one outlet, which is no longer to code. We also decided to add recessed can lighting in place of the previous fluorescent light fixture. I keep finding myself scoffing at the fluorescent lighting and other out-of-date elements in the house, only to wonder how soon the fixtures we’re installing will be considered out of fashion. Here’s hoping canned lighting stays popular for at least another decade!



Canned lighting looks nice, but is not my favorite thing to buy because it involves way too many decisions. The easiest decision is whether to buy new construction or remodel housing. The kitchen is the only area of the house where we used new construction housing for the lights, and that’s because we had torn down the soffit. When you’re installing canned lighting in an area that already has drywall (and you don’t have any attic access), you’ll use remodel housing, which is installed through a hole cut in the ceiling and clipped to the drywall. New construction housing, pictured below, is installed between ceiling joists.



After choosing the can housing and the diameter of the can, you also have to choose your bulb (wattage, size/shape, CFL or LED, etc.), and a decorative baffle trim.


While Tyler finished up the wiring for the canned lights, Shawn used a drywall saw to cut holes for three smaller task lights on the other side of the kitchen.



Because electrical work is definitely not my area of expertise (notice how I’m not being very descriptive about the actual process of wiring/installing the lights!), I let Tyler and Shawn work on the lighting while I started ripping out baseboards. Which is very messy work. And can be fairly difficult when the baseboards were installed before the flooring, meaning the bottom 1/4″ of every baseboard is wedged between the wall and the ceramic tile.



And we have light! It was very exciting to flip the switch and have light in our kitchen once again. Thanks boys!