Spray Paint Love



I haven’t started any new projects on the house recently (I’ve decided to blame the holidays for my laziness). I did get around to some spray painting yesterday, although I can’t even really call that a project since it’s so easy.


Shawn ordered a Lucky Buddha Beer at a sushi restaurant a few months back and I became obsessed with the bottle and had to take it home. I decided to give it some spray paint to make it seem more like a decorative object and less like a random empty beer bottle in our kitchen.



I gave the bottle a light sanding to help the paint stick, although I’m not too worried about the paint chipping since the bottle won’t be handled or washed.



I chose a glossy white because I want to keep this little guy in the kitchen, where I’m planning to have open shelving and A LOT of white.


Some may still see a random beer bottle — I see a cute buddha vase!



I also spray painted a couple of small foo dogs I picked up at an antique shop for $15. I’m a little worried that I’m becoming addicted to spray painting anything and everything.





I chose gold so they’ll stand out on our (future) white bookshelves. Foo dogs are meant to guard entrances to buildings, but these will be guarding my books, which are very important to me and thus equally worthy of protection.



Speaking of books, all of our books are actually still in boxes :(. I have my heart set on a wall of built-in bookcases, and the books are staying where they are until we get around to making those built-ins happen.