First DIY Project: Wall Mirror Removal



To give you a brief intro, this blog will serve as a platform for documenting the remodeling of my first home. I very recently purchased a townhouse that was built in 1969. It has great bones, but unfortunately (or fortunately, if you’re like me and love remodeling and interior design), the house needs a lot of cosmetic work. Very little updating has been done since the house was built, and the updating that was done in the 70’s/80’s really only made things worse. The house is very “dated,” but that is one of the reasons I was so excited to own it. I’ve always loved interior design, I grew up addicted to HGTV, and the only blogs I really follow consistently are design or DIY-remodeling related.


My constant reading of blogs like 7th House on the Left, Apartment Therapy, Young House Love, and IHeart Organizing, is what led me to start my own blog. I get a lot of great ideas from the aforementioned blogs and thought some of my projects and experiences may help others in the process of their own renovations.


Our first project, the day after getting the keys, was to begin demolition. The first thing to go ended up being the mirrored wall in the dining room.



Below is another view of the mirrored wall in the dining room. For reference, the living room is behind me, the backyard is to the right, and there’s actually an atrium (did I mention the house was built in the 60’s?) to the left.



Prep for this project involved having a large trash can readily available, putting down a drop cloth for easier clean up, and duct taping the mirror. The duct tape is to ensure that if a shard of glass falls on you, at least it’s not going to be a huge shard of glass. Note to anyone trying this at home: You’ll probably want to wear clothing that is more protective than what my sister chose to wear.



This will probably be the only DIY project we undertake that ended up being easier than we expected. The mirrors came down without breaking very much (just a little at the top). Of course, it helps that our friend Tyler is almost as tall as the mirrors.



Please excuse the blurry phone photo, this picture is just to show that Tyler was really the one that did all of the hard work! My sister and I stood back, “eeking” with fear and desperately hoping that the mirror would not fall and crush Tyler, an innocent good samaritan.



Although the mirrors came down in large pieces, we ended up having to break them up anyway to fit them in our trash can. Tyler wore protective glasses and took a rubber mallet to the mirrors to break them up.







We tackled another quick demolition project that day. The fluorescent light fixture in the breakfast area is amazingly weird. Since our first walk-through of the house, I’ve been calling this light fixture the “airplane lighting,” because it looks like an overhead storage compartment on an airplane.



Another view that shows the dining room in the background.



Oh joy! When we took down the first acrylic sheet, we found wallpaper.



All we needed was a drill and a step stool. Come to think of it, Tyler may not have used a step stool. He is a constant reminder that the ceilings in my house are ridiculously low!



And here’s what we were left with. It opened up the small area and made the ceilings feel a little higher. It also left us with a new project: learning how to remove very old wallpaper!





I’ve already fallen behind on blogging! We’ve done a lot more demo work since our first weekend, so I will be posting with more DIY projects soon. Wish us luck!