The Move-In Post



Yes, we actually moved in to the house at the end of July. And yes, our boxes were color-coded! But to back up a bit – we did get a few more things done in our “one month gap” between getting the keys and moving in. We hired a friend of a friend (who is a drywaller/painter) to remove our popcorn ceilings, drywall the kitchen ceiling, and retexture the walls of the house.


As a reminder, here is where we left off in the kitchen…



And now, a kitchen with a ceiling – who would’ve thought. I took a million pictures like this because I was so happy to see the drywall up.



Our friend also painted the ceilings for us. I chose a blue-ish white (Drifting Snow by Glidden).




Our house did have popcorn ceilings throughout and removal was costly, but it was something I was dead set on having done. All I have to say about the process is – definitely do your research! There are many, many ways to go about doing this and at very different price points – and there are also health issues involved if your popcorn has asbestos.


The picture below shows our newly painted (popcorn-free!) ceilings.



After the popcorn is removed, ceilings need to be textured. I really like smooth ceilings and walls, but perfectly smooth texture requires more effort (therefore, more money) and will show any inconsistencies. So we went with a light texture that our friend Chuck sort of made up. It most closely resembles “Santa Fe” texturing.



Here’s a good before photo of the popcorn ceiling and the “orange peel” texture of the walls.



We really didn’t like the wall texture and it wasn’t even consistent throughout the whole house. Here’s another before of the wall texture.



And an after photo of the new wall texture. We probably seemed insane for wanting all of our walls retextured, but I think it makes a huge difference in the look of the house.


So, the state of our house at move in time… ceiling painted (yay!), walls freshly textured and not painted at all, baseboards removed from every room, and half of a kitchen.



July was such a crazy month and it went by in a whirlwind. The ceilings and walls were finished with only a few days to spare before we needed to move in. I did have time to schedule vent and grout cleaners and get a plumber in to fix a few things from the inspection report that we couldn’t get done ourselves. Shawn and I got to watch the vent cleaning process and it did not look pretty. Please clean your vents!!



And over the course of a very tiring weekend, we packed and moved in.







I wish I was kidding, but we’ve been moved in for a month, and my sister’s room still looks like this…



It’s nice to be officially moved into our house, even though we still have so many projects and some of our things will be staying packed for a while!