Of Birds and Bathrooms



I wanted to share some before and “making progress” photos of our second bathroom (I don’t call it the guest bathroom since all of our rooms are occupied so we don’t technically even have a guest bedroom). Here are a few more pictures of how it started out…



Yup, green countertops and a wooden toilet seat.



Even after removing the mirror and metal storage contraption, things weren’t looking any prettier.



I wasn’t sure what to do with this bathroom, considering our budget is tight and I knew I couldn’t do anything drastic, like replace the whole vanity — although I would love to. At least for now, the green countertop and off-white cabinets will have to stay. So we focused on what could be changed in this small bathroom with a small budget.


We went over every square inch of wall space with new joint compound to get rid of the inconsistencies in the wall texturing, and then painted the ceiling and walls. We hung a smaller, decorative mirror. You also might be able to tell in the picture below that there is no door frame/door to this bathroom, as of now – but that’s a whole different story.



Shawn chose an art print for the bathroom and, not wanting to spend a ton of money on custom framing, I bought a frame that was on sale at Hobby Lobby and spray painted it an “oil-rubbed bronze” color so it would coordinate with the other bathroom decor.





And here it is, hanging above the toilet. We originally liked this print because none of us can take the bathroom seriously, with its ugly yellow-green countertops and rusting shower. But the print is really starting to grow on me – and I may have to keep it hanging even if the bathroom progresses from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan someday.





We also updated the lighting – the bathroom now has two recessed can lights that coordinate with the canned lighting in other areas of the house.



We removed the old, chrome-framed shower door in favor of hanging a shower curtain. The shower door was very short compared to how high we have the curtain hung, and the length of the curtain makes the bathroom feel a little taller.



I feel like our little bathroom has come quite a long way for how cheap we’ve been! But it’s only a matter of time before I feel justified in ripping out the awful sink/vanity.