Small Steps



I’ll let that picture speak for itself! Replacing all of the outlets, switches, and plate covers in the house was a small project with a fairly big impact. Outlets and switches that are yellowing and/or have been accidentally painted numerous times easily give away the age of a house (or just the carelessness of the owner). Some of the switches in our house hadn’t just been painted over, but looked like they were spray-textured along with the wall at some point.


It’s really easy to change out outlets and switches, but I’m proud of my work since I’m sure it’s the only electrical project I will be able to do on my own.



We’ve also replaced the front porch light. Here’s what was hanging when we moved in. Beautiful, right?



We chose a new porch light during a quick trip to Lowe’s (right before an electrician was coming over, of course). I’m not in love with it — but it’s an improvement.



Obviously we’ll need to pressure wash or paint around the base. Every project creates another project around here!


What I like most about the new porch light is that it’s a “dawn to dusk” light – it has a sensor and turns itself on when it starts getting dark and off in the morning.



Another small item off the list: adding house numbers to our back gate, as two of the four existing sticker-numbers had peeled off. We have an alley behind our house, and every other house on the block has house numbers on their back gate. Don’t ask me why! I thought we’d add some to fit in :).



Our next project will be – surprise! – new interior doors. Here they are, waiting to be hung and painted BLACK! Very excited.