Makeover for a Door



We decided to replace the existing flat slab doors in the house with two-panel doors, and have purchased and hung all five new interior doors in the past week. The only interior door this didn’t include was the pantry, because I had a different idea for it. The pantry door is pretty narrow, and assuming it might be harder to find the right size replacement, I decided to try adding some molding myself and painting the whole door with chalkboard paint. I like the idea of having chalkboard in the kitchen where we can keep a grocery list, notes to each other, or a menu — although we’ll probably just draw robots on it most of the time.


I put up some painter’s tape really quick to visualize how two panels would look on such a narrow door.



The doorknob on the pantry was actually brass to begin with — I spray painted a chrome finish on all of the doorknobs as a cheaper alternative to replacing them (albeit doorknobs take a beating and this may only be a very temporary solution).


The inside of our pantry door already had a pretty useful shelving addition when we moved in. I’m all for using the back of a door for extra storage/organization, but the one major drawback was that only the top three shelves had a wooden bar to keep things from flying off the shelf when the door was shut.



I bought some thin wood molding and used a miter box to cut new wood pieces for all nine shelves.



I also lightly sanded and primed the shelves so I could paint them a brighter white.



The front of every shelf had multiple nail or staple holes that I filled with wood filler before painting.



I also caulked where the inside of the shelves met the back of the door. This hadn’t been done previously and I think it makes a big difference visually.



Here are the shelves painted with two coats of Frostine by Benjamin Moore, which is the white we’re using on all of the trim in the house.



I used the miter box again to cut some wood molding for the front of the door.



In order to paint the whole door with a roller, I painted the door and the molding separately.



I attached the molding with liquid nails and left it to dry for 24 hours, just to be safe.



Here’s a before and after of the pantry (taken in different lighting — I didn’t happen to re-paint the wall). Obviously we’re still missing the door casing and baseboards, but I’ll get around to that eventually!



And now I can use every shelf for extra storage, as things won’t be falling off each time the door is shut.





And of course, my favorite part is that the whole thing is a big chalkboard. My sister is obviously the only one that’s gotten around to writing anything as of yet. I’ll be sure to draw a big holiday-themed picture before our Christmas guests get here though!