Colonel Mustard in the Library with a Wrench




Bookcases! Everyone in this house is a book lover and collector, and we’ve all been very sad having our books and comics boxed up for so long. The main reason for the long wait was my dream of having floor-to-ceiling, custom bookcases built for the whole wall. There’s nothing like a built-in bookcase! Built-ins are unfortunately out of my budget, especially with all of the other areas of the house needing work, so I recently decided to buy some Ikea Hemnes bookcases. And I’m very pleased with how they look in the room, built-in or not :).


This is the pile of boxes we’ve lived with for the past 9 months. If they’re filled with books it doesn’t count as hoarding, right?




I chose Hemnes bookcases because they’re a little sturdier than the other Ikea alternatives, and they were the perfect width to (almost) fill up the wall. They also have adjustable feet — which made it easy to level the bookcases despite our tile being fairly uneven.




Once they were level and secured to the wall, it was time to unpack (finally).







This is the same wall we removed mirrors from way back in the day – Surprise!




This room isn’t after-photo-worthy just yet. I still need to install a ceiling light fixture, choose an area rug, and update the window treatment. The shelves also need to be reorganized! But it’s definitely an improvement in my book.